Make sure your brand is getting regular health checkups

There’s many ways in which a company nowadays can be seen as a body. Each department has its own specific duties that help toward the overall success of a company. Similarly different organs and systems within your body to do likewise to make sure you are up and running every day, working at your best.   A key organ of your company is your brand, the image that you project onto the public sphere that defines you and let’s the public know the values and goals of your company. This outer-projection Read more [...]

Essential Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Rainy Season

Whenever the rainy season is about to approach, you need to take extra precautions with your property. If you live in an area where you experience frequent storms and flooding, the more critical it is to be proactive. Make an effort to prepare your home and make your family safe and dry at all times. Heavy rains and floods can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and damage. To prevent things from turning into a nightmare, here are some helpful tips that you can do one month before the start Read more [...]

3 Myths About Search Engine Optimization (and What’s Actually True)

The conversation about search engine optimization has died down a bit in the past year or two. However, this doesn’t mean it is any less important for businesses to engage in optimizing their websites for better search engine rankings. Research is still showing that the majority of consumers do research on search engines before purchasing a product or service.   No matter what you hear about digital marketing trends and tricks, never underestimate the power of investing in SEO. However, Read more [...]

Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Company is Just the First Step to Successful Marketing

So you’ve hired a search engine optimization company and already seeing positive results with your website’s ranking. You might think the work is done and that it’s finally time to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case. No matter if you’ve locked in that #1 spot on Google search results, the work never actually ends when it comes to marketing for a company.   It is important to constantly evaluate your marketing strategy and tweak it in order to keep up Read more [...]

3 Reasons to Invest in an ERP Ecommerce Software Solution Today

There are so many reasons to start investing time, money, and effort into the world of ecommerce. We live in a society ruled by consumerism, and the easiest way for consumers to accomplish their consumerist tasks is through the internet. Purchasing products, ordering services, and doing whatever it is that you need to do has never been easier.   Not only is our society inclining towards consumerism, but it is also becoming an increasingly mobile world. All you have to do to accomplish Read more [...]

How to Choose Between Combination Sauna Models That Are Popular

Installing an in-home sauna is a great investment. The heating unit can be used for a variety of purposes, both for recreational and therapeutic purposes. The combination of high heat and low humidity offered by a sauna offers the perfect relaxing environment. And it doesn’t hurt that sitting in a sauna comes with tons of health benefits as well.   Most sauna users get their occasional fix of sweat and heat through their gym membership or a trip to the spa. The smart way to do it, though, Read more [...]

The Evolution of Luxury Limousines Throughout History

Perhaps you’ve taken a limo ride in style on your high school prom night or that special wedding day, maybe even for your best friend’s bachelorette party. Whatever the occasion might have been, it’s unlikely that taking a ride in a limo is a regular occurrence for you. Unless of course you were born into royalty or an A-list celeb.   Whether you regularly take rides in limousines or you have never had the luxury of riding around in a limo, it’s pretty apparent that this vehicle Read more [...]

How to Score High Marks with an Executive Resume Writing Review of Your Exec-Level Resume

Did you know that with an executive-level job, you could be making upwards of 700,000 per year? Of course, this is on the high end of the spectrum, but even on the low end execs take in about $100,000 annually. Although executive-level jobs come with a lot of work and a ton of prerequisites, this high-paying salary makes it entirely worth it.   Once you have met all of the requirements for applying to an executive job, like obtained the necessary educational degrees and gained plenty of Read more [...]

How Peter Max Inspired Me To Be a Full Time Artist

Ever since I was a child I have wanted to be an artist but as I reached a certain age I realized that this dream was going to be more difficult than I had originally planned. I knew that my chances of becoming the next Banksy or Jackson Pollock would be pretty slim, but I had always hoped that I might get paid for my artwork, not millions of course, but enough to get by. I struggled between the ages of 18 and 21 and almost gave up the dream, until I met the daughter of the brilliant Peter Max. Peter’s Read more [...]

Bharat Bhise HNA – Expectation vs Reality in the World of Cyber Security

For any of you who happen to have seen a movie about cyber security then I must tell you that the representation which you see on screen is actually very different from the reality which you can expect to find in this job. My boss Bharat Bhise HNA and I often laugh about this whenever a movie comes out about hackers. Bharat has been in the business for a long time and he has seen this thing come and go before. I was chatting to Bharat last week about the differences between expectation and reality Read more [...]