You know that gym membership that you barely use? Maybe you have tried to part ways with it several times, but just can’t seem to do it. And maybe the reason you can’t seem to do it is because you don’t want to lose access to the amazing sauna that the gym offers.


This is completely understandable! Not only do saunas tend to melt away stress, but they also provide a ton of awesome health benefits. All you have to do is sit there and sweat while your body soaks up the heat that surrounds you.


What is even better than visiting the sauna at your local gym of health center is having one right at home. There are tons of companies out there that will install an in-home sauna, but not all of these companies are created equal. Some of them don’t even carry products that every combination sauna manufacturerfollow should have in stock.


When choosing a reputable sauna source near you to take care of your in-home sauna needs, be sure that these 4 common sauna products are offered.


Sauna heaters


A reputable company should offer a variety of sauna heaters, since this is in fact the feature that actually allows your sauna to stay nice and hot. Be sure that there are lots of heaters to choose from; there are several types of saunas, which all use a different type of heating source. The most common is an electrical heater, but you might also consider an infrared one.


Steam baths


The powers of steam are both soothing and detoxifying. Not only can steam provide tons of skin-healing benefits, it is also ideal for relieving congestion and alleviating sinus issues. Find a sauna source that offers steam baths for all of your health-related needs. One steam bath in particular to keep an eye out for is the Steamcore Spa II Series.


Infrared saunas


Infrared saunas are quickly gaining popularity, and not just because they can be economically friendly. Stepping into an infrared sauna is the ideal way to detoxify the body. It does this by mobilizing trapped toxins with the body and then eliminate them through the sweating process.


This gives the immune system a major boost, and can also treat inflammation and improve circulation. These health benefits completely justify purchasing an infrared sauna for your home. Find a company that offers economic friendly infrared saunas; you’ll get all of the health benefits at a reasonable price.


Traditional saunas


Looking for a more traditional approach to sweating out all of your body’s toxins? All of the highly-respected sauna companies should also offer traditional sauna rooms. The practice of sauna started over 2,000 years ago in Finland, and lets just say the Fins knew how to do it right.


Unlike an infrared sauna, there is more humidity in a traditional one. It gets very hot very quickly, and rather than a dry infrared heat it offers humidity. It is effective in opening clogged pores and emitting harmful toxins that are normally trapped within the skin.

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