If you’re familiar with the American medical system, you might have heard of CDPAP agenciesfollow. CDPAP, or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, is a program for those eligible for Medicaid that want to manage their own home care services. If you are in need of home care, CDPAP allows you to organize for your friend, family member, or neighbor to act as your caregiver.


According to one of the top CDPAP agencies in New York, this is what you should know about the program:


“The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is an innovative program that offers recipients an alternative way to receive home care. CDPAP is a statewide (New York) Medicaid program for eligible recipients, designed to give the “consumer” more control over the care they receive and how it is provided to them.”


There are certain eligibility requirements and stipulations to follow for members of this program. If you’re wondering more about them, here are four important things to know about CDPAP Agencies in New York.


Who is eligible for CDPAP?


The main eligibility requirement for applying for CDPAP is that you must qualify for Medicaid. You also must be a resident of New York State. If you are not sure about Medicaid qualification, you can easily check by calling the a CDPAP agency near you. They can typically tell you over the phone if you are able to sign up for the program.


How exactly does it work?


The person who is receiving the care is called the consumer, and the person giving the care is the personal assistant. There can also be a designated representative (DR), but only if the consumer cannot make medical decisions on his or her own. The DR can also be the personal assistant.


Even though the personal assistant is often a friend or family member, he or she is treated as an employee and receives regular paychecks. The consumer acts as the “boss” and is in charge of hiring, firing, and providing expectations.


What are the major benefits of the program?


The major benefit of the CDPAP program is that the consumer can personally choose who the caregiver is. Some people feel more comfortable receiving care from a family member or loved one, and CDPAP makes that possible.


Another significant perk of the program is for the personal assistant. CDPAP not only allows the consumer to spend time with a loved one, but also the other way around. It gives a mother and daughter, father and son, or two good friends time to spend together. And it also provides a steady job for the personal assistant.


With this program, all parties involved win. There is even certain training involved for the personal assistant that allows them to perform some of the same medical activities as a registered nurse.


How can you get started with the Consumer Driven Private Assistance Program?


You can start by searching for CDPAP providers in your area. They are only found within New York, but there are quite a few to choose from. Once you get in touch with an agency they will help you to determine if CDPAP is right for you and your family.

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