If you’re fortunate enough to have 20/20 vision, feel free to stop reading now. But for the millions of people who don’t experience that luxury, read on. Whether you have mildly poor vision or you’re practically blind, contactsfollow are a great option for easily correcting your less-than-perfect eyesight.


Glasses are obviously another easy option, but not everyone loves the look of glasses. Another viable option is laser eye surgery, but unfortunately this is not within every individual’s budget. This leaves contacts, and lucky for you there are plenty of brands to choose from. So which brands can you trust to keep your eyes healthy and give you perfect vision?




The Dailies brand is a bit more expensive, but it is ideal for one-time use contacts. These disposable contact lenses can be tossed after one day of use. They are known to be some of the most comfortable contacts on the market.


The nice thing about Dailies is that you don’t have to worry about losing a contact throughout the day; you’ll be replacing them with a new pair the following day anyways. Wearers of contacts typically buy the 90-pack (which lasts 45 days). You can typically get 2 days out of each pair, so the 90-pack can be stretched out to a three month supply.




Acuvue is quite possibly the most trusted brand of contact lenses on the market. Eye doctors recommend Acuvue because there are a variety of options available. They offer daily lenses and lenses appropriate for month-long use. Similar to Dailies, the most popular kind of Acuvue lenses is the 90-pack of daily contacts.




Biofinity lenses can be used for a full week before tossing them out. The primary perk of wearing Biofinity contacts is that they promote whiteness of the eyes, and they are also extremely comfortable. Wearing a pair of Biofinity contacts feels like your wearing nothing at all. Regardless, you should still take these contacts out each night to ensure they last the full week.


Air Optix


Air Optix lenses are ideal for anyone experiencing an astigmatism. Astigmatism means that the eye is shaped irregularly and it is the most common cause of poor vision. Air Optix gets its name from the fact that it allows oxygen flow to the eye, even when you are wearing the lenses. This leads to bright and healthy looking eyes that shine, even after hours of wearing.


Not all lenses are safe to wear while sleeping, but the increased oxygen to the eyes with Air Optix means you can wear them through the night. It is still recommended that you take them out every once in a while, but if you have a habit of sleeping in your contacts this is the brand for you.




Like most contact brands, SofLens offers a variety of options. You can get daily lenses or ones suitable for long-term use. It is not a brand that most people have heard of, but if your eye doctor carries them you should consider trying them out. People rave about the comfortability of SofLens, as well as the fact that they are safe for the eyes.

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