Navigating the busy streets of Atlanta can be challenging for anyone, even locals of the area. This task is made even more difficult when you’re travelling as a group and trying to stick together. But there is a quick and easy solution to facing these challenges.


When you hire an Atlanta charter busfollow as a means of transportation, your trip to this culturally rich city will be so much more enjoyable. Whether you need a bus for a corporate event, to celebrate your wedding day, or want to see the city in style, here’s what every Atlanta charter bus should include.


Onboard WiFi and entertainment options


Not every charter bus will offer an onboard internet connection, but the best ones do. An Atlanta-based company like MTI Limo and Shuttle Services rents out large buses with onboard WiFi for passengers. This is especially important for corporate trips to meetings, seminars, and conferences.


Another crucial feature on a charter bus is entertainment. Most transportation companies offer buses with TVs and DVD systems. Even if each individual seat doesn’t have its own screen, there should be a few television screens scattered throughout the bus.


An onboard restroom


This goes without saying, but having a bathroom on board is a complete necessity. If you are taking a long trip with 50 or more people, the need for a toilet is inevitable. If you rent a bus with no onboard bathroom, you’ll be stopping every 30 minutes at rest stops.


Typically the restroom on a charter bus is small and basic, but it has everything you need to get the job done. The company will always make sure the bathroom is clean and ready for your group’s trip.


Reclining seats with a plush interior


You know that horrible feeling on an airplane where you want your seat to recline just a little bit more, but it’s just not possible? On a charter bus you’ll have at least double the space you’d have with any airline, and your seat has full reclining abilities. Sleeping comfortably is more than possible on a charter bus, especially with the plush seating.


Available seating for 50+ people


Most transportation companies have tons of options available to you and your group, including town cars, limos, mini buses, and charter bus. A charter bus can hold at least 50 people, so it is the perfect option for large groups wanting to travel together. Not only is it an efficient way of travelling, it is also extremely cost effective.


Allowance for food and beverages onboard


You’ll have to check with the company beforehand, but most charter buses allow for food and drink onboard. This is crucial for longer trips where snacking is essential. If your group is celebrating a special event (like a wedding day or prom night) find a company that allows alcoholic beverages on board.


Even if the company allows food and drinks on the bus, always be respectful. Remember that it is not your personal vehicle, so you shouldn’t treat it as that. If your group is drinking alcohol, most companies will set in place a drink maximum for each passenger. Respect the company and driver’s wishes by following the rules and regulations.


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