Alternative Days Out in Bristol

Bristol is a city with lots to see and do – history, culture and great food too! But it’s unfortunately easy to get stuck in a rut, to see the same old things, and lose sight of just how exciting this city is.


Today we’re taking a look at some alternative days out to organise in Bristol to help you rediscover the city, and all its many fascinating facets.


Explore at Street Level


One of the things that can make a city begin to feel a little stale is losing the sense of exploration you had in the early days and merely zipping between heavily researched, pre-planned tourist spots in cars, taxis or public transport.


Finding a new way to rediscover the city at street level – looking at the buildings, roads and unfamiliar turnings around you as filled with possibility, not just utilitarian paths to your destination.


A Bristol scavenger hunt makes the city come alive again! Modern scavenger hunts come with narrative and interactivity – at the very least, an SMS line lets you ask for clues when you need them, and send in answers to be checked off. Many have themes, taking you on a trip through local history, teaching and stretching your mind!


Spread Your Wings


There’s so much more to Bristol than the centre of the city. The city’s surrounded by beautiful countryside, and West Country villages that deserve a visit and a thorough exploration. If you have a car, then not far from the city is a prehistoric stone circle – the Stanton Drew Stones – as old as Stonehenge. It’s a feature that’s captured local imagination for centuries, inspiring myths and folklore – and the author Susan Cooper, who used the name of the stone circle for the young heroes of her classic Dark is Rising Sequence.


There’s also parks and nature reserves, National Trust properties and more! One great way to reinvigorate your interest in Bristol is to use it as a base to explore the landscape in which it’s set. This can lead to a new understanding of the city, its history and what it has for you!


Do The Tourist Things


We’ve focused so far on avoiding obvious tourist steps, but it’s possible to lose your love for a city simply because you’re too focused on not doing what the tourists do. Some things are attractions for a reason! Take a day to be a real tourist. Walk up to Clifton Suspension Bridge. Visit the Cathedral! Check out the museums and galleries. Don’t worry about being so original you miss out on the obvious good times the city has to offer you.

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