Carter Boyle Duke Student on Life At The University

Duke University and Duke basketball in particular is gaining a lot of attention at the moment after basketball starlet Zion Williamson became the first pick in the NBA draft aged just 18. Zion Williamson has been slowly gaining attention in the last couple of years, and as a result so too has Duke University. This additional attention has seen applications for the college increase on last year so we had a chat with Carter Boyle Duke senior university student to find out what life is like here at Duke for students, and whether or not there is something in the water!




Sports are a massive part of Duke University life and in many respects it is at the heart of everything great that the college does. Whenever the football team or the basketball team are playing the college stops and looks and they are all fiercely proud of what their teams are achieving. Zion Williamson set the college alight with his performances and this further increased the attention on the sports here. Many Duke players have eventually made it to the NFL, NBA and MLB, and there are many sports here to get involved with from soccer, gymnastics, athletics, fencing and hockey, in both male and female categories.




Duke is very different from many college in that it has a good party scene but it is not known for its madness and chaos like others are. Parties happen on the weekend and are generally in good spirits, you won’t expect to find midweek madness at this college.




There are many on-campus options for eating and the food choices are very good, ranging from tasty junk food to several healthy options. The prices have been reduced in recent years which helps more students afford on-campus food and there is a range of options for all dietary requirements.


Greek Life


Fraternities and sororities do exist at Duke but it isn’t a big scene at all and if anything there are more sororities than fraternities. If you want to get involved then you can, but in the main it isn’t something which you see much of.




Duke has loads of clubs that students can join up to depending on their tastes and interests and they are all supported heavily by the university. From astrology clubs, board game groups, wildlife clubs and cinema groups, there are all types of extra-curricular groups to get involved with here at Duke.


Student Body


Duke has a real mix of backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities and everyone generally gets on well with each other. The noticeable thing about this university is that everyone just wants a small friendship circle and to focus on their studies, that is until the sporting events kick off, then this university comes out in force to support their beloved college.


Duke is a great university with a fun social scene and plenty to keep students happy, the success rate at Duke is very high and no, there is nothing in the water, Zion is just a super-human.

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