Four of the Most Popular River Cruises

More and more people are choosing river cruises as their vacation of the year. This is because this type of traveling has a number of specific advantages. Firstly, it means you are never too far from land, staring at the endless deep blue sea. Secondly, you are able to actually see the interior of a country, as well as some cute and quaint villages. Thirdly, it offers a more personalized experience than a regular cruise, because the ships simply aren’t as big. When you look at river cruise destinations, you will also quickly see that the destinations are off the beaten track and that it is hard to visit those places without going on the cruise. So what are some of the most popular river cruise destinations? Please visit to book your Viking river cruises or for further information.

The River Nile

The Nile River is one of the best known in the world. You can see the true treasures of Ancient Egypt from your cruise. Usually, you will embark in a major city like Aswan or Luxor, after which you will start to sail down the river, seeing some amazing historical sites. You will stop regularly, including in places such as the Aswan High Dam, the Valley of the Kings and the temple of Philae.

The Yangtze River

The Chinese Yangtze River is the lifeline of the country. You will travel deep into a land shrouded in ancient traditions, magic and mystery. You will start in the modern side of China in one of the major cities, but you will then travel to other areas where it will feel as if time has stood still for thousands of years.

The Mekong River

The Mekong River actually flows through a number of different countries, so you could cruise this river several times and see something new every time. You could visit Laos, Thailand, Burma, China, Tibet, Vietnam and Cambodia to name but a few. The views along this river are like nothing you will have ever seen before.

The Sidney Harbor

Everybody knows what the Sidney Harbor looks like. The views here are absolutely amazing, and most people are able to recognize the opera house and the bridge. Small ships, usually with no more than 60 cabins, tend to sail around this harbor. Each cabin is beautifully decorated and highly luxurious. You will feel as if you are on a floating hotel and you can make shore excursions as often as you like.

River cruising is a fantastic way to spend your vacation. You will be able to see things you have never seen before, reaching destinations that have always seemed to be unvisitable in the past. Best of all, you will be able to do so in comfort and in style, being looked after by knowledgeable local staff, spending time going on unique excursions and sampling local foods and traditions. It is no surprise, when you look at it that way, that river cruising is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

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