How A Flight Status Look-up Tool can Save Your Day

Don’t you just hate it when you have arranged to pick up a mate from the airport at 10 am but two hours later there is no trace of his flight? This comes as no big surprise to many of us because delays and last minute changes in arrivals and departures are more common than you think. It is not about changing your preferred airline or selecting a different airport (when available).


There are many reasons why a flight status can be affected. You need a look-up tool that returns real-time flight status updates, so you will not only be on time when it comes to flight arrivals but also when your own flight is going to depart. Yes, you are right, there are many websites claiming to provide live airline traffic information but many of them are unworthy of your time when the information is obsolete or incomplete. It may be that the tool simply does not work as expected. There is also the option to download a desktop or mobile app. This is able to keep you informed regarding any changes, updates, delays or opportune arrival and departure of flights at your local airport or elsewhere.


 flight  The problem with these flight status look-up applications is that many of them only work for the iPhone and the iPad. They are sometimes designed with Windows users in mind, meaning that if your computer runs in a Mac or Linux environment, you are simply left out of the loop.



OAG is the Solution!

Whether you are a frequent traveller or  a travel planner in the tourism profession or hospitality industry, there is a reliable yet affordable flight status look-up solution that you will come to depend upon. OAG Flight Status OnDemand is a service that provides comprehensive aviation data to integrate with your actual look-up products and afford you access to accurate live flight status and flight schedules that you may need to query.


Delivered directly into your host system, you can obtain real-time XML data feeds that can be distributed through your sales channels to make your business grow. Anyone can access this flight data information, not just business persons. Back to your arriving friend. Wouldn’t it be great to get to the airport just at the right time to pick him up, without having to waste the whole day waiting for the fight to arrive? Well, this is possible thanks to OAG real-time flight monitoring service, which includes a notification system that you can customise to suit your needs. This service will deliver an alert via email or SMS, so you know the flight status of airlines arriving to the city’s airport.


Possibilities to integrate a flight status service that serves to make your business grow and provide you and your customers with the information they need is always a good choice, that pays off. Moreover, you can try a free flight data service trial and discover for yourself how this service can be tailored to meet different necessities for flight information.


Real-Time Flight Status Service Overview

OAG offers the essential flight data information when travellers and travel planners alike need to track one or multiple flight status updates. Flight aviation data services that you can retrieve from the OAG include:


  • Flight Status OnDemand
  • Dynamic Flight Status
  • Flight Status Alerts
  • Historical Flight Status
  • WebFIDS


OAG Historical flight status can retrieve historical flight information from 2004 to date. The Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) can be easily integrated into any website to provide your customers with real-time flight status information, that can also be retrieved for your personal use.


Next time you need to know when a flight is departing or arriving, remember that there is a reliable solution that delivers up-to-date flight status information.


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