Make sure your brand is getting regular health checkups

There’s many ways in which a company nowadays can be seen as a body. Each department has its own specific duties that help toward the overall success of a company. Similarly different organs and systems within your body to do likewise to make sure you are up and running every day, working at your best.


A key organ of your company is your brand, the image that you project onto the public sphere that defines you and let’s the public know the values and goals of your company. This outer-projection is something that needs to be healthy and appear healthy at all times. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of brand health and how you can measure it.


When you no longer have youth making you feel invincible every day, health checkups become more regular. Similarly, once your business has moved on from its early days (usually just spent focusing on survival) it’s time to make sure you are regularly checking in with your brand health. In short, brand health can be understood as how your own brand’s values and general mission is sitting with customers and potential customers. For example, if your brand is championing sustainability, good brand health will be one which all customers agree that a brand is adequately meeting this sentiment.


The regularity of these checks are important, as it is a good way in which to see how your brand is performing compared to past performances. As well as shedding light on how market changes and other external factors may have changed your brand perception. If you have a very good system for doing this, or outsource it to a market research company, then you are likely to get back real time information of how your brand is performing. This is brilliant and can be lifesaving for a company, as it allows you to instantly see the public reaction to any major changes you’ve made. This type of information can help mould future decisions and even allow you stop going down a certain path before it’s too late.


Finally, each company is different, therefore the way in which you will calculate brand health is different. The main factors that have to be constant is that it is to some degree comparing the values your brand embodies, the public’s understanding of those values, and how they view your brand really lives up to those values.

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