Why Getting A Car Accident Lawyer Can Save You From More Headaches



Car accidents are very unpredictable and no one ever wished to be involves on this occurrence. If you are in one, it undeniably is a horrifying and difficult time. This is why it is very important to choose an expert and proficient car accident lawyer in your corner if you are unlucky to be in an accident. You need someone who’s on your side after an accident no matter what.

A Car Accident Lawyer Defends Your Rights

If you are potentially considered the at-fault driver in a car accident, you need someone to defend your rights. You are no doubt nervous and shaken, worried about whether your insurance premiums perhaps going up and whether you will be sued by the other party, relying on the harshness of the traffic accident. A car accident lawyer can shield your rights, working to get the best possible result for you.

If you are a sufferer of a car accident, you might have to not only deal with insurers, but also deal with extravagant hospital bills, time missed from work and maybe even ongoing medical expenses.

How are you still going to help yourself and your family if this type of scenario happens? Who’s going to support and be sure that you get the compensation for the medical expenses and time missed from work? A trusted and expert car accident lawyer will assure that only that your immediate expenses are enclosed, but that you get money for further medical costs as well. This will give you less worry and peace of mind to not only you, but also to your family who count on your compensations to make ends meet.

A Car Accident Attorney Understands Local Law

Traffic and compensatory laws change not only from state to state, but from local city to another local city. Competent car accident lawyers comprehend the laws of their area. And they know the ace players as well, like the judges, lawyers and insurance claims adjusters. They are very important because they help you put together the most compelling case for you.

Last but not the least, a car accident lawyer worth their grit knows the nitty-gritty of just how insurance agencies work because they take charge and contest car accident cases on a regular basis, they understand the tricks of the trade that are utilized by insurance companies to undervalue your claim and pay as little as possible. But a well-versed and proficient car accident lawyer Joliet can spot a good deal or know when you deserve more than what they give. Also, they can save you a lot of hurt and depression being they can gauge your chances of winning in court should the insurance company deny to pay a fair value on your settlement. If you are unfortunate in a car accident, hiring the best and trusted car accident lawyer with this inside knowledge gives you higher chance of being made “whole” again financially and most importantly, emotionally.



Serious Penalties on Drunken Driving Cases

The road accidents due to drunken driving have raised an alarm on the increasing figures across Unites States. The rules have changed a lot within a year, and have never been stiffer as those are today. Many states have passed the laws to get the drunken driving under control. This has made it mandatory for the young drivers to be aware of what the law states.


Here is a summary of the traffic laws which were recently implemented in relation to driving drunk:

  1. The legal drinking age in all states is now 21 years.
  2. Administrative License Revocation Law: This enables the traffic officer in charge to take the driver’s license in custody, if he refuses to take a breath test, or fails in that. Two thirds of the states have already passed this law.
  3. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is now 0.08 units across the country. It was earlier 0.10 units in most of the states.
  4. Zero Tolerance Law: There is now absolutely no alcohol consumption permitted for the drivers less than 21 years of age. After many years of debate over the age, all the states have now passed this law.

Along with this, the penalties for the accusations are higher than ever. The punishments are stiffer and there are all the possible efforts being put forth to tackle the problem. 

Each state has a different set of laws to govern the cases under drunken driving. There are different penalty limits and the different term durations in case the accused is sentenced to jail. On a high level, the penalties can be summarized in the following few points:

  1. Habitual Violators Law is passed in many states for the repeated offenders under DUI cases. According to this, repeatedly accused for the DUI offense can take away many of the civil rights from the offender. This includes the voting rights, owning a weapon or even holding the driving license for the stipulated number of years.
  2. The certified counsellors in a majority of the states can subject the alcohol offender to the counselling program or a medical treatment. Based on the repetition of the offense, the DUI counselling frequency is decided. This may range from 3 to 4 meetings in total or may even extend to 90 counselling in a 90 days period.
  3. The offender bears the cost of the time and the meetings during such counselling. If the medical treatment is given, that is also to be borne by the offender.
  4. The insurance companies levy a very high coverage fees based on the offense points on the license. Even the first time drunken driving offense can be really costly in terms of getting the insurance coverage.

Most of the states have an additional surcharge on the licenses registered under the serious accidents. The drunken driving case if results in a traffic accident, can lead to the serious money troubles. Along with the heavy attorney fees/ the court fees, the counselling charges and the fines, the damages can be real nightmares for the offenders. The high Insurance coverage is an addition to the already crippled monetary status.

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