The Perfect Gift for Mom

pamper herself! I was trying to think of the perfect Christmas gift for her, but I didn’t want to get her the usual coupon to get her nails done or to get a massage because she will never take the time to go. Scratching my head, I came up with a really cute and easy gift for mom: a homemade body scrub. And not just any scrub either – a peppermint chocolate body scrub.

To make the scrub, you will need:

  • 3 cups of white granulated sugar
  • ½ cup of cocoa powder
  • 1 cup of coconut oil (the solid kind)
  • 1 ½ teaspoons of peppermint oil

Start by gradually melting the oil in a boil. Once it is completely melted, add the peppermint oil and stir. When the oils have been mixed, stir in the cocoa and the sugar. Easy! The smell is absolutely wonderful (and I am sure it tastes great too), but this scrub is really great for skin. The sugar helps exfoliate andrejuvenate the skin, while the coconut oil moisturizes it. The peppermint oil helps to tone the skin, and the cocoa powder is packed with antioxidants that help restore and protect the skin. This batch will make about 16 ounces, so now it’s time to wrap it all up.

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You will want a mason jar (probably just the 8 ounce size, a 4X4 inch square of fabric, and 6 inches of ribbon. Can the scrub into your jar, and attach the seal. Before you screw the band on, lay the fabric square down first. Screw the band on nice and tight, and tie a bow around the edge of the lid with your ribbon. The fabric color and pattern is totally up to you, but this is absolutely darling with Christmas-themed plaid. The ribbon looks best when it coordinates as well, but it is really fun to get red and white-striped ribbon to represent the peppermint bliss inside the jar. (If you don’t have enough fabric or ribbon lying around for this project, you can always do what I did and just order from The Ribbon Retreat online.)

This is the perfect gift for anyone who is too busy to take time to get pampered, and I think every mom has been there before! Moms have always loved when their kiddos make them something for them, and this is no different! My mom loved it, and she even teared up when she realized I had made it. As sweet as it may be (pun intended), this truly is a super easy gift to make, and is will be a guaranteed success.

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