THE ROLE OF DIGITAL MARKETING IN A COMPANY – Creating more awareness about a product or service

The internet today is easy to access and the number of people who make use of the internet keeps increasing. This has led to the creation of online businesses and caused other companies to run their businesses both online and offline to create a balance. Digital marketing now comes in to create awareness about the existence of some brands and their products.


The good thing is that digital marketing can work for any type of business irrespective of what they offer or sell, or the company size; it is all about creating valuable content.


The role of digital marketing in a company


Unlike many offline marketing efforts, fixed results can be measured when it comes to digital marketing. It is difficult to determine the number of persons who read through an ad or magazine newspaper or determine if sales were influenced by this ad in the first place. But with digital marketing, the ROI of a marketing effort is visible in terms of website traffic and other factors.


Website traffic and determining marketing efforts


digital marketing agency helps in determining the best digital marketing approach that can be used to generate more traffic for a brand. Digital marketing permits companies to see the number of people who have visited the website’s homepage in real-time by making use of the digital analytics software that can be accessed in marketing platforms like HubSpot. Through this, it is easy to determine the number of pages that were visited, the device they used, where they came from and other essential digital analytics data.


This analysis aids companies to determine which marketing channels require more time and energy and which to spend less on which most people use to access the website.


With offline marketing, it’s very hard to determine the people interacting with a brand before they deal with a vendor or make a purchase. With digital marketing, it is easy to determine trends and patterns in people’s behavioral patterns before they attain the conclusive stage in their buyer’s journey, meaning they can make more conversant decisions about how to draw attention to their website.


The types of digital content to create


The type of content that can be created is determined by the needs of the audience. Companies should be able to determine the goals and challenges of the audience and the online content has to strive to meet these goals and overcome their difficulties.


Next, the company will need to figure out when the information will be welcoming to its customer which is called content mapping. A digital marketing agency can interpret the message and help companies come up with captivating content that will make consumers stick and make a purchase from a company.


With content mapping, the aim is to target content following:


The features of the person who will be making use of it – this is where buyer personalities fall in place.


How close is the person buying?


With relations to content, there are several other things to attempt. Here are some options companies can make use of.


Awareness Stage


Focus more on using blog posts – It is a good means of increasing organic traffic when matched with a sturdy SEO and keyword strategy.


Infographics are easy to share; hence they can increase the probabilities of being located via social media when others share the content.


Short videos are quite easy and can aid the brand to locate new customers by hosting them on platforms like YouTube.


Consideration Stage


EBooks are good for lead generation as they are normally more understandable than blog posts or infographics.


Research reports are quite good for lead generation and can equally work during the awareness stage.


Webinars are more detailed, and a more interactive form of video content and provide more understanding content than blog posts or short videos.

Decision Stage


Case studies can influence the decision of people who want to purchase a product or make use of a service.


Testimonials from other customers go a long way to influence customer decisions as they believe if others can make use of a particular product or service, why can’t they?

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