Top Benefits of a Sofa Bed 26/06/2018

We love and hate them. The humble sofa bed has a place in almost every home in the nation, and we can all attest to their pros and cons, with the potential for back ache being a top concern. But while the market is swamped with options, perhaps it’s worth a reminder of just why we keep buying these popular pieces of furniture, and why perhaps we should invest a slightly higher budget on a particularly good quality sofa bed.

They can go anywhere

Where would you put a sofa bed? The spare room? The kids room? The lounge? The family room? Dining room? Conservatory? Versatility is the nature of this beast and we love them for it. There are very few homes indeed that would not benefit from having at least one somewhere. A single person swelling can suddenly accommodate an extended family with ease.

They can blend in

They happen when you least expect them. Most of us have been surprised at some point to be informed that we were sitting on or by a sofa bed. Suddenly, you’re having a sleepover and have no idea how it happened. They can also be surprisingly gorgeous, and can even be included in a corner sofa. This is particularly true of bespoke sofa beds, which will have been built with all the comfort, style and sturdiness of a main sofa – as they very often are – or else as a secondary sofa for the main room of a home.

They’re comfortable. Sometimes.

Well at least they’re not the floor. At any rate, you don’t have to blow them up or otherwise inflate them. The addition of plush textiles and cushions will create a more restful, cocooned effect, even on a low budget upcycle. At the other end of the scale, good lumbar support twinned with a premium occasional mattress makes all the difference. With so much choice in upholstery available, stealthily hidden sofa beds need not mean a compromise on the comfort and appeal of your main living space. Many bespoke sofa companies offer an interest free finance option, which opens up a wealth of options even on a budget. With so much choice, with the luxury of quality leather, opulent fabrics, and fashionable patchworks available, the gorgeousness of a bespoke piece far outstrips most off-the-shelf options.

They’re convenient

Hands up if you pre-make your sofa bed. One of the big bonuses of these handy flip-out beds is that you can leave the sheets on ready for a quick place to put an unexpected guest. Whether they’re a friend who’s enjoyed another glass with you, or a young relative who overshot bedtime, this one-size-fits-all option can be a real lifesaver.

They fit

Even if space is at a premium, you can adapt a bespoke sofa bed subtly with less padding and still gain a sense of opulence from the upholstery choice. While low back styles are often much easier to get through doorways to the desired location, high back styles boast a streamlined appeal that takes up relatively small footprint. One wonderful aspect of having your very own bespoke sofa made to specification is that access is less of a problem, and some assembly is possible on delivery.

Considering the options

Simple one-to-one help is rare these days but many of the best bespoke furniture builders don’t have a customer service department or call centres. These usually provide a telephone number and email address that get you through directly to the people making the furniture, and there is a wealth of friendly, informal advice available that can take the chore out of finding the perfect sofa bed for your home. Free fabric samples, are available from all good bespoke furniture builders, and can usually be ordered online through their websites.

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