What’s the Best Way to Care for Black Hair?

Black hair has a reputation of being hard to care for – at least in countries where black hair and black skin aren’t in the majority and their needs aren’t well served. Today we’re taking a look at the best way to care for black hair so if you don’t have a hairdresser in your area who knows what they’re doing with your specific needs, you can still look great and feel confident and strong.


The two keywords to great looking black hair are nourish and moisturise, so let’s get started!




It’s important to make sure your diet, and if necessary, supplements, are providing all the right vitamins for black hair growth as well as your wider health.


This can vary based on your specific hair type as well as your ethnicity, but it’s well worth considering taking copper and zinc supplements along with a more general multivitamin for follicular health. Copper is important for circulation and melanin production. A boost in copper means more blood reaching your hair follicles, making them happier, healthier and more active. Melanin also affects your hair colour so it’s important too. Zinc boosts your follicle health, and can help you avoid (or potentially even reverse!) hair loss.


Along with these vitamins, an amino acid supplement is worth considering. This helps to maintain and repair the keratin your hair is made from, and which takes daily damage from UV light, from pollution and even from other hair treatments!




Your hair can moisturise itself naturally – your scalp produces oils that work their way up each hair, keeping it protected. Unfortunately, it’s much harder for those oils to traverse curly hair, which often means black hair needs some help. Those oils can also be stripped away by harsh shampoos and treatments, or by pollutants in the air, and all of this makes keeping your hair moisturised as important as simply keeping it clean.


Avoid shampoos with sulphates as these tend to dry out textured hair. Look for nourishing shampoos that gently cleanse, and follow up with conditioner. Look for deep conditioners with a focus on moisturising, and consider adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine – this allows your hair to continue to absorb that moisture and nourishment between washes.


The care of black hair is a deep subject, with lots of complexity based on your precise hair type, desired style and tightness of curl, but taking care of nourishment and moisture will take you a long way.


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