Where Can I Get Botox Injections Near Me?

Where can I get botox injections near me? This is a question many people ask because they want to get Botox treatment but they aren’t quite sure where to go to get them and how to choose the best clinic.  Well in your town there will probably be a few places where you could get a Botox treatment but its important that you find someone experienced in Botox who will get you the results you want.

Finding Botox Injections Near Me

A simple search on your phone or tablet will reveal a number of clinics but be careful that you choose a qualified center that specialize in Botox, rather than a beauty clinic who do it on the side as well as nail extensions, eyebrow threading, pedicures and everything else, because you want to find a Botox specialist who has hundreds of hours of experience and has been fully trained.

What is Botox Treatment?

Botox can be concerning for some people particularly when they hear that it is a bacterium being injected into your face which paralyzes your facial expressions.  But let’s look at the science behind it, Botox is a purified protein produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium and is administered in very small does by fine needles into the muscles in the face which are contracted to cause lines and furrow sin our face.  The Botox treatment relaxes those muscles, so they don’t contract and distort the skin.  It blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Of course some people go to an extreme and have too many injections so their face looks frozen, but an experienced Botox injectionist knows how much Botox is required and where to inject it to get natural results.

How Long Does Botox Treatment Last?

There’s two questions here really that people often want an answer to, first of all how long does the treatment take to be completed?  Well really a Botox treatment should take only about ten to twenty minutes.  It shouldn’t be a painful procedure, and in fact even without topical anesthetic it has a slight stinging feeling, but most clinics will treat the injection sites with a numbing topical anesthetic prior to the injections so you shouldn’t feel anything.

The second question is how long should the effects of a Botox treatment last for?  That can vary but its typically from two months up to four months that the effects of the Botox treatment will be seen.  And its worth noting that the effects of the injections won’t be fully realized until about three days after the treatment as the muscles take time to relax and the skins to flatten out and not be as tight in those areas.

You can continue to have Botox treatment every few months so that you see the affects of the treatment continue, and no side effects are expected long term.  You may have some bruising and swelling of the injection areas for a few days following the injections but this will quickly disappear.


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