5 Best Practical Hints How To Infuse Positive Energy

Positive energy comes when your mind is calm and relaxed.  If you really want to calm your mind and infuse positive energy in your system, first of all stop your incessant chattering inside your mind. It is not so easy at first, but with some practical hints, you can eventually reach the state of absolutely calmness.

1.       Seek solitude within

John McGrath Healer says it is often we seek calmness among friends, family etc. but the real calmness is generated within us. You can’t attain solitude by merely going to a remote spot or living in the woods. External solitude helps only when you are able to reach an internal silence.  First fix your mind on the spot between your eyebrows, settle yourself down and if a thought arises let it be and return to the stillness. This can take some practice as the mind is built to think and problem solve. Maintain a journal where you can write your daily experience’s from your practice.

2.       Follow a definite routine

Healer John McGrath says everything must be clear and definite in your life. The first thing to be done is to fix a definite routine and stick to it. Some people are afraid that such a rigid regimenwill make their life mechanical. That is not true. You can only break the rules when you know them well. For beginners, there is no way you should divert from a strict regime. This is the only way to discipline a wayward will. We should plan our waking hours – how to discharge our daily duties, what to do with our spare time, what thoughts we should cultivate etc.

When you form good habits, your energy chakras are strengthened. Then it will be easier to find solitude within without much diversion.

3.       Meditate and improve its quality

Meditation is the foremost method to generate positive energy within. Pay more attention to quality rather than quantity. Increase the power of concentration. Absent-mindedness during meditation is not only a sheer waste of time; it is a sure sign of lack of spiritual fervor. Many people in the name of meditation dwell in worldly thoughts. You must sit in meditation only when a proper mood is attained. For many people meditation seems to be an invitation to sleep! This later on becomes a bad habit.

4.       Have a fixed center of consciousness

You must have a fixed center of consciousness. You can find it only by seeking the source of your ‘I’ consciousness or by trying to seek contact with the Self. Hold on to this center of consciousness always. Never choose a center lower than the heart. Never try to concentrate the mind on the lower centers, even though some Tantric books prescribe it.

5.       Need for simplicity

Be straightforward in all your dealings. Give up hypocrisy and conceit. Be child-like, not childish. But be reserved and aloof in the company of negative minded people, in a dignified way without being haughty. You can be full of sympathy for others in an impersonal way and yet be aloof and reserved, and not allow them to come near you in a personal way.

Everything becomes simple the moment we become simple. You should not open your hearts to all, but should open it to pure and spiritual souls. There is no need to wash your dirty linen in public. Some people take advantage of your confessions and turn them against you to make your life miserable.

Author’s Bio: The energy healing of John McGrath has been scientifically proven through all satisfied people leading happy life after consulting with John McGrath Healer in London, UK.


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