Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Company is Just the First Step to Successful Marketing

So you’ve hired a search engine optimization company and already seeing positive results with your website’s ranking. You might think the work is done and that it’s finally time to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case. No matter if you’ve locked in that #1 spot on Google search results, the work never actually ends when it comes to marketing for a company.


It is important to constantly evaluate your marketing strategy and tweak it in order to keep up with the ever changing marketing world. Even if your current marketing strategy is flawless, or at least it is in your eyes, there is always more to be done. After hiring an SEO expert, follow these tips to develop a foolproof digital marketing strategy.


Invest Time in Social Media


More and more company owners are putting such an emphasis on optimizing search engine results that they forget about social media. This is a big mistake; some experts even think that social media marketing is just as beneficial, if not more beneficial, than search engine optimization. Nobody knows for sure which one is better per se, but it is a well known fact that both marketing strategies are important.


You should be investing just as much time in your social media advertising and marketing plan as SEO. LeapGo says that “the younger generation uses social media for nearly everything and future success will mean having a presence on the platforms that they use. Market research suggests that businesses plan to invest higher shares of their marketing budget into social media in the future.” And you need to be one of these businesses.


Turn to Marketing Apps for Help


There is no need to go over your marketing budget with so many online tools and resources available. Many of these tools are entirely free of charge to use. As long as you have the time to learn it yourself they can be just as helpful as partnering with a marketing expert. The time involved in learning, implementing, and managing marketing is a major reason for investing in an SEO, social media, or other marketing specialist. So if time is not a factor, but money is, turn to the free (or affordable) online marketing tools.


Always Keep the Competition in Mind


It’s easy to fall behind when you aren’t keeping the competition in mind. Monitoring your competition is actually very easy, and it can be done with a simple Google search. If you want to get more in depth with competition monitoring, though, there are a few tools specifically meant for that. One is called iSpionage, which gives full insight into your competition’s ads and their customer conversion rates based on each advertisement used.


Stay Current with the Changing Marketing World


Just as mentioned before, you can never really consider your marketing work finished. Sure, you can label certain goals as accomplished, but there is always still work to be done. Take SEO as an example. After the initial push with SEO practices, you should see results after about 3 to 6 months. But to keep those results steady, you must enter something called an SEO maintenance period.

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