How Dock Square Parking Garage Get Things So Right When Many Others Fail

If you have ever tried to park in Boston, MA then you will understand just what a nightmare this can be, an ordeal is how I would refer to it in fact. The street parking is limited and risky in terms of the security of your car and the majority of the parking garages fail in terms of what they are supposed to be doing. I try to take public transport as much as I possibly can but I often need to drive all over the city for meetings with my team. Last year I discovered the best kept secret in Boston, Dock Square parking garage, and here is why they are the best in the city of Boston.




The very least which you should expect form a parking garage is a secure space to leave your car, or so you would think. As it happens the majority of the parking garages here in Boston are absolutely atrocious when it comes to security and I often hear stories from friends and colleagues that their vehicles have been damaged after leaving them in many of the city’s parking garages. Dock Square is not like this at all and I have never heard a single story of damage or a break-in to any vehicle inside their premises. The reason for this is that they have cameras situated all over the garage and they also have vigilant staff who are always looking over the premises to ensure that everything is in order.




Most of the parking garages in Boston have no direct competition which means that they feel the need to gouge your eyes out when it comes to price. Dock Square parking garage on the other hand does not do this at all and the prices here are incredibly reasonable. Something I particularly like is their loyalty scheme which gives you a discount if you use the garage 10 times. Another great idea which they have in place is that if you are long stay they will charge you less per hour than if you are short stay, something which I often benefit from.




Customer service isn’t something which you necessarily expect from the staff at a parking garage but it is incredibly nice when it does exist, much like it does at Dock Square garage. I see the guys here everyday and they always meet me with a smile and ask how I am. This not only feels quite good but it also gives you that additional peace of mind that your car is in a safe place.




One of my biggest complaints of parking garages is that they try to cram as many cars in as possible and have tiny spaces which you are supposed to navigate. As you can imagine this results in many bumps and knocks and causes damage to cars. In the garage here in Dock Square however this isn’t the case and they have a range of different sized parking spaces which different sized cars can use. Spacious and risk free, the perfect way to do things.


If you are in Boston then this is the only parking garage which you should be using.

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