Investar USA – The Upside of Investing Cash in Your Garden

Prior to moving up to Alberta, Canada my family and I used to live in Tennessee, in that part of the USA there was never much of a focus on gardens and most of our neighbors simply had back yards as outdoor space. I used to work for Investar USA, company who focused on revitalizing communities and real estate. Because of this experience I did understand the benefits of having a beautiful outdoor space which was why I used the money that I borrowed from a lender here in Alberta, to focus our attention on the garden. At that time the home which we had needed a lot of work and I’d be a fraud of I told you that I wasn’t envious of other people’s homes, but more so their gardens. We made sure that the home was livable first and then I focused on the garden, much to my wife’s discontent.


If you aren’t sure whether or not you should be investing cash into your outdoor space or garden area then here are just a few of the reasons why I think that you should, and the upside of doing so.


Added Value


When people are looking for a home to buy they have certain requirements which they find desirable and this can increase how likely they are to buy a property, and how much money they are willing to spend. These areas are usually the kitchen, the bathrooms and, you’ve guessed it, the garden. Through investing in your garden you can ensure that you make your home more desirable to house-hunters, and most importantly more valuable. This means that of the money which you pay for your home, you can get some of that cash back when you sell it.


It’s Your Space


Many view the garden as bonus or extra space but the truth is that this area of the property is every bit as important as the bathroom or the kitchen. Just imagine if you had a bedroom which you couldn’t use, that seems utterly absurd but when you have a garden which you cannot use it is the same thing.




Getting outdoors to have some fun, host some friends or to quietly relax for a minute is something very special and if you have a garden then you have the opportunity to do just this. If the garden isn’t in good shape then none of these things happen and you and your family will be losing out on the opportunity to spend some magical time outdoors. When you invest in your garden, even if it is just to give it a clean up and a budget makeover, you will be opening up your options and you can create a space which both you and your family can enjoy each and every day.


Don’t give it a second thought, get the cash together and invest it in your garden space.

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