Why Are Online Vets so Popular?

In the wake of online doctor services becoming more widely available and giving people less stressful, first-touch access to the health service, similar services are becoming available for pets!


Today we’re taking a look at why these services are so popular, so you can decide if they’d help you take better care of your pet.


Drawbacks of a Conventional Vet


Vets provide an urgent and vital service for you and your pets, but getting there can be a stressful, upsetting or even expensive experience. Some animals can be strongly resistant to being put in a carrier or a car – cats or dogs, for example are very sensitive to your mood, to disruptions in their routine and environment, and anxious of future pain and discomfort. All that adds up distress if they start to suspect being confined to a carrier and taken to the vet is in their future.


Using an online vet negates all the stress of the conventional vet – your pet can be examined in its own home, unintrusively, in an environment where it feels safe, but still with all the expertise of a registered vet.




If you’re panicking about your pet’s health in the wake of an accident or the onset of worrying symptoms, then you don’t want to be searching on your phone for a “24 hour vet near me”. You need answers quickly.


An online vet can get you those answers fast, without you having to leave you home, or search for any other services.


Even for less urgent enquiries, being able to get a trained vet’s opinion at time of your choosing and convenience is a huge advantage in the midst of a busy life.




There are some drawbacks to using an online vet – their limitations. Your online vet can’t currently completely replace a physical vet’s practice because they simply aren’t there in the room and some kinds of examination aren’t possible. They can’t perform blood tests, they might not be able to take an accurate weight, they can hold your pet and look at it close up. They also can’t prescribe medication. These all limit how effective an online vet can be.




Perhaps the best use of an online vet is as triage: if you’re not sure whether you need to get your pet to the vet – and subject them to the stress of the trip – then an online vet could be the perfect answer. They can give you an early indication of what might be wrong, advise if you’re able to care for your pet at home, and most importantly, confirm whether you really need to get your pet to the vet’s practice for more tests, medication and expert care.

Recipes Popular with Truck Drivers

It’s no secret that truck driving is a difficult job. The last thing that any truck driver would want after an incredibly long day (and most of them are) is to try out a complicated recipe using only the simple equipment in their relatively tiny cabs. It’s for this reason that the vast majority of truck dashboards are littered with different fast-food wrappers. Although these fast foods are always convenient for such a hectic job, you cannot deny that they are quite unhealthy. 

Due to the tradition of feeding on fast foods only, close to 70% of truckers are always overweight! Remember that accidents caused by truck drivers are a result of fatigue, negligence, and to some extent, faulty equipment. While accidents are unavoidable, you can always rely on a truck accident attorney whenever you find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance. Although unhealthy eating is not the leading cause of truck accidents, eating a healthy meal can go a long way in preventing different diseases that can otherwise make a driver cause an accident.

This article will detail some favorite recipes that truckers are fond of today. It’s worth noting that these recipes give a sense of comfort and a healthy body when consumed by truckers. Without much ado, let’s take a look at some of these recipes. 

Chicken Fajitas

Truck drivers always opt for recipes that are not only delicious but quick to make. Chicken Fajitas is one of the most favored recipes by truckers due to two main reasons. For starters, Chicken Fajitas is considered to be a quick meal to prepare, and for a good reason. All a trucker needs is a precooked chicken and an electric skillet to make this meal. Secondly, Chicken Fajitas includes all the necessary nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates, and chicken proteins.


  • 30 ml of vegetable oil
  • Thinly sliced onions
  • Fully cooked chicken strips/chicken breasts
  • Yellow pepper
  • Water
  • Tortillas

Chicken Teriyaki

One of the most crucial cooking equipment found in a trucker’s cab is a portable BBQ. Ideally, this equipment, just like any other cooking equipment, is small enough to perfectly fit in a truckers jump box. The BBQ grill is ideal for making a sumptuous Chicken Teriyaki. 


  • Chicken breast
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Lemon juice
  • Fresh minced garlic
  • Sesame oil

Taco Lasagna

Unlike other food recipes on this list, the Taco lasagna is unique in many ways. First, the Taco Lasagna is a quick combination of both the normal Taco and Lasagna. Secondly, it is a make-at-home meal that freezes well, and truckers can easily reheat it in a microwave. Apart from the fact that this meal is quite comfortable and easy to make, Taco Lasagna is highly nutritious and ideal for truck drivers.


  • Lean ground meat
  • Taco seasoning mix 
  • Minced garlic cloves
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Chilli powder
  • Water
  • Corn tortillas
  • Jar salsa
  • Onions
  • Shredded cheese
  • Sour cream

In a Nutshell

Truck driving, just like many other jobs, can be quite daunting. Not only do truck drivers have to sustain long driving hours in only conditions, but driving for days or even weeks can drain your energy away. Therefore, eating a healthy diet is always essential. However, truckers have been known to consume fast foods that are quite toxic and unhealthy. Luckily, today’s truckers are accepting the reality that not only are fast foods unhealthy, but they are also expensive in the long run.

Truckers have adopted several recipes that are not only quick and easy to prepare, but are also highly nutritious as well. After all, a nicely cooked meal is a great way to feel at home and do away with the stress that comes with long-distance driving.

Coping After a Loved One’s Fatal Accident

No words can describe the loss of a loved one. It is even worse if it is from a wrongful death because it is often unexpected and involves anger towards the at-fault party. 

When you lose a loved one in a fatal accident, the primary emotion that you will be feeling is grief. 

There are five stages of grief, as detailed by famous psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Understanding these phases is important so that you know what to expect as the days pass by. This also helps people to know that their journey and feelings are completely normal.

Five Stages of Grief

1. Denial

Denial is a common defense mechanism for all losses and puts a shield between a person and the overwhelming feelings caused by the situation. In a loved one’s fatal accident, for instance, one might convince themselves that the other person is just away and will return.

During this period, the grief and sorrow are not intense because the mind has chosen to actively deny the loss. As this stage advances and denial wears off, the pain kicks in and leads to lots of anger.  

2. Anger

As you begin to see the reality clearly, you may feel angry at a lot of things. Anger masks our feelings. Where there are emotions like pain, hurt, sorrow, helplessness, and so on, a person who just lost a loved one will redirect these through anger.

This anger can be directed towards an object or person who, in logical terms, is not to blame for the loss. It is also possible to see the detrimental effects of this anger towards people on the receiving end, but the emotions can be so intense that it supersedes rational thinking.   

3. Bargaining

Bargaining after the loss of a loved one may feel something like, “If only I had accompanied him, he would not be involved in the accident.” These bargains are the brain’s normal reaction to the consequent feelings of vulnerability and helplessness after losing a loved one. 

Sometimes, bargaining is accompanied by guilt. The victim feels like they could have done something to prevent the death. 


4. Depression

This form of depression is dominated by feelings of regret, sadness, and sorrow. The process can feel quiet and subtle, but it can also be fraught with confusion and heavy emotions. 

A grieving person might worry about the overall cost of a funeral, other victims of the loss such as children, or the reality of having to say a final goodbye. 

5. Acceptance

In this stage, the victim has come to terms with never having to see their loved one again. This does not necessarily indicate happiness or relief. 

Accepting a loss and coming to terms with your new state of life, however, can help you move on and even help other people sharing your loss.

Seeking Help from a Grief Counselor

Grief manifests in different ways. Some people can go through the process with minimal support from friends and family. This is entirely normal and you should not feel guilty for handling your grief as such.

However, the same feelings can overwhelm other people, that they interrupt their lives in major ways. If you are feeling overpowered by grief, consider talking to a grief counselor. Besides helping you cope with these feelings, a counselor can help you move on after a loss.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim 

Understandably, seeking compensation for a loved one’s death can be the last thing on your mind. You might even feel guilty for thinking about finances at such a time.

However, it is alright and even recommended to begin the process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit as early as possible. Hiring an attorney for this will relieve you from all the legal back and forths so that you have time to properly mourn your loved one.



For Corporate Banking Employees, Working from Home Will Likely Continue Through 2021

A couple of months before the World Health Organization formally declared the spread of SARS-CoV-2 to be a pandemic issue, corporate banking departments at major institutions were trying to figure out how they could better manage growth during a challenging time for debt origination, equity deals, and syndicate lending operations. As can be expected, these operations were heavily impacted as the global economy screeched to a halt in March 2020.


Corporate banking divisions were among the first to adopt work-from-home practices in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. For these departments, the prospect of telecommuting was the least of their worries. As you can read in this Reuters article from January 2020, corporate banking directors were trying to make sense of everything that had taken place over the last three years.


The global trade war started by United States President Donald Trump in 2018 had created a climate of uncertainty among multinational business enterprises. The U.S. conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran escalated with attacks, a blockade in the Persian Gulf, and trade sanctions that made global trading difficult. The global recession many economists feared was fully materialized by the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, the political instability in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela also weighed heavily on the shoulders of corporate banking directors.


Prospective corporate banking clients have been skittish about taking chances on the unpredictable market, but this has not stopped banking executives from pursuing potential leads. When division employees were directed to work from home in order to minimize contagion, they were instructed to do their best in terms of scouting deals, gathering intelligence, and providing advisory. Executives braced for the worst-case scenario, which would have involved temporary and permanent layoffs, but something completely unexpected took place on Wall Street.


After the Black Monday crash of March 2020, investors around the world were convinced that this was the beginning of the end for financial markets, but trading volumes on Wall Street started picking up steam and quickly erasing losses. This incredible turnaround indicated that investors felt that making risky bets was one way to stave off complete economic collapse; this contributed to companies such as Airbnb deciding not to scuttle their initial public offering in 2020. Underwriting, IPOs, and advisory with regard to mergers and acquisitions are all expected to make a strong comeback from now until 2022, and the initial activity in this regard will be mostly handled by employees working from home.


According to a survey conducted by the eFinancial Careers work portal, employees of major banks such as Citigroup and Deutsche Bank do not expect to return to the office this year; in fact, they believe that they will work from home all through the holiday season, but they also anticipate being busy. For many companies, making deals and taking risks will be their only salvation as the global economy begins to thaw out before 2020 comes to an end, and corporate banking specialists will be there to support them right from their own homes.


Can I get a Loan for My Personal Injury Case?

Financial challenges arising from an accident are often foreseen. Therefore most accident victims’ hope for any assistance to cater to personal and legal expenses before their case is settled. Pre-settlement funding companies are the most renowned corporations in the field of lawsuit loans. A lawsuit loan is simply the finances you receive that are charged against your settlement. 

Such loans are available for various cases, and pre-settlement funding companies are known for giving more consideration to personal injury cases. Hence, an accident victim who has already instituted or intends to institute a personal injury case has a higher chance of obtaining a lawsuit loan. 

Qualifying for a lawsuit loan is, however, not automatic. Here are some of the factors that a pre-settlement funding company might consider before approving your application. 

Must Be an Adult

As much as lawsuit loans are not considered actual loans, age is a factor when the determination of your lawsuit loan application is being made. Only persons that are eighteen years and older can qualify for such a loan. 

Legal Representation

A pre-settlement funding company cannot fund a case where the plaintiff is self-representing. An attorney’s presence in a personal injury case is vital. From the pre-trial stage of a case to the trial stage, lawyers are the masterminds of ensuring the right documents have been filed, and that court procedures are being followed. 

Where the personal injury case attracts an out of court settlement, there are no better negotiation experts than lawyers. When you have a lawyer on board, the pre-settlement company will have some level of trust that a settlement will be reached. 

Lawsuit loaning companies are dependent on the outcome of your case to recover their funds. Therefore lack of legal representation is ground for rejecting your application. 

Legal Fees on Contingent Terms

A contingency fee is a legal fee paid to your attorney upon a successful settlement. Before a pre-settlement funding company gives you a lawsuit loan, they will inquire from your attorney to ascertain legal fees payment terms. Most attorneys operating on contingency fees are bound to conduct your personal injury case with great due diligence because they equally have an anticipated economic gain. 

Such a lawyer will always work towards expediting proceedings in case of litigation leading to a quicker trial process. Where the case is to be settled out of court, the lawyer will aggressively negotiate for better terms and subsequently ensure that a settlement is reached soon. 

Full Cooperation from Your Lawyer

The interest of a pre-settlement funding company in your case is solely financial. Your attorney must be agreeable to full cooperation with the lawsuit loaning company before your application is considered. In respect of the legal expertise attorneys have, their judgment on the chances of a case most times is reliable. The lawsuit loaning company will require that your attorney discloses some facts about your case, including their opinion on chances of success. 

Also, the worth of your case is a mandatory disclosure. A lawsuit loan company will want to ascertain that the amount of funds given to you are a correct percentage; otherwise, the company will incur losses. Once you decide to apply for a lawsuit loan, your attorney becomes a trustee of the company. Therefore your attorney is obligated to assure that once your settlement check is paid, the lawsuit loan company will be the first to receive their funds together with interest. 

The Signing of an Agreement

An agreement is a contract; in the event of a breach, the breaching party can be held liable hence compelled to pay damages. The relationship between the lawsuit loan company and you is contractual. 

Before any arrangements of disbursing funds your way commence, the company will ensure that both you and your attorney agree to the terms of payment. In scenarios where an attorney fails to sign the agreement, you won’t get the loan. Since agreements are legal documents, your attorney can always advise on the way forward, dependent on the contents. 

Having met the considerations, a pre-settlement funding company will ensure you receive the funds as soon as possible. If you ever have financial strain when handling a personal injury case, always know that there is help.

3 Keys to Running a Sound Business

Whether you have been a business owner only briefly or many years, you want to be successful.

That being the case; are you doing everything within your power to run a sound business?

If not, now would be a good time to address any shortcomings.

Where Can You Make Improvements?

In looking to run a business that is more sound and on more solid ground, focus in on the following keys:

  1. Having the right coverage to protect you – Let’s say you are a physician with a practice and a lot going for you. Now, what happens when you are beset with a serious injury or illness? Have you ever considered what might happen if you could not work for an extended period of time? How would your company’s bills get paid for starters? This is why it makes perfect sense to have business overhead expense insurance. Such insurance takes care of paying your bills for you while you are on the mend. Without that coverage, you could see all you have worked for go by the wayside. Now, is that something you want to see happen? If you do not already have such coverage, take the time now to shop for it.
  2. Providing the best customer service – How good of a job have you done when it comes to customer service? If you fail in this department, you could be losing customers left and right. Many consumers have more than one option when it comes to physicians, stores, travel and more. As such, they don’t have to settle. As such, they can go from one business to another until they find what they are looking for. When you provide them with great service, you give them pause to consider going elsewhere. Use occasional surveys and general face-to-face conversations. That is with customers to see how you can improve their experiences with you.
  3. Be smart when it comes to promotions – Finally, do you do a good job of promoting your business? As an example, you have a dental practice and are trying to reach more consumers. So, what are some of the ways to go about this? For one, kids are a good demographic to go after. Reach out to their parents about the importance of good dental practices from an early age on. In doing this, you could have patients for many years to come. That is as kids then turn into adults and continue coming to you for their dental needs. You also want to reassure a kid that going to the dentist is not a bad thing. Make for a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere when they come to your office. Do your best to give first-time customers a good price when coming in for cleanings or more. Last, have a business app. An app is a great means of staying connected to consumers 24/7. There are many steps you can take to smartly promote your business and not break the bank in the process.

If running a sound business has been a challenge for you, now would be the time to get things in order.


THE ROLE OF DIGITAL MARKETING IN A COMPANY – Creating more awareness about a product or service

The internet today is easy to access and the number of people who make use of the internet keeps increasing. This has led to the creation of online businesses and caused other companies to run their businesses both online and offline to create a balance. Digital marketing now comes in to create awareness about the existence of some brands and their products.


The good thing is that digital marketing can work for any type of business irrespective of what they offer or sell, or the company size; it is all about creating valuable content.


The role of digital marketing in a company


Unlike many offline marketing efforts, fixed results can be measured when it comes to digital marketing. It is difficult to determine the number of persons who read through an ad or magazine newspaper or determine if sales were influenced by this ad in the first place. But with digital marketing, the ROI of a marketing effort is visible in terms of website traffic and other factors.


Website traffic and determining marketing efforts


digital marketing agency helps in determining the best digital marketing approach that can be used to generate more traffic for a brand. Digital marketing permits companies to see the number of people who have visited the website’s homepage in real-time by making use of the digital analytics software that can be accessed in marketing platforms like HubSpot. Through this, it is easy to determine the number of pages that were visited, the device they used, where they came from and other essential digital analytics data.


This analysis aids companies to determine which marketing channels require more time and energy and which to spend less on which most people use to access the website.


With offline marketing, it’s very hard to determine the people interacting with a brand before they deal with a vendor or make a purchase. With digital marketing, it is easy to determine trends and patterns in people’s behavioral patterns before they attain the conclusive stage in their buyer’s journey, meaning they can make more conversant decisions about how to draw attention to their website.


The types of digital content to create


The type of content that can be created is determined by the needs of the audience. Companies should be able to determine the goals and challenges of the audience and the online content has to strive to meet these goals and overcome their difficulties.


Next, the company will need to figure out when the information will be welcoming to its customer which is called content mapping. A digital marketing agency can interpret the message and help companies come up with captivating content that will make consumers stick and make a purchase from a company.


With content mapping, the aim is to target content following:


The features of the person who will be making use of it – this is where buyer personalities fall in place.


How close is the person buying?


With relations to content, there are several other things to attempt. Here are some options companies can make use of.


Awareness Stage


Focus more on using blog posts – It is a good means of increasing organic traffic when matched with a sturdy SEO and keyword strategy.


Infographics are easy to share; hence they can increase the probabilities of being located via social media when others share the content.


Short videos are quite easy and can aid the brand to locate new customers by hosting them on platforms like YouTube.


Consideration Stage


EBooks are good for lead generation as they are normally more understandable than blog posts or infographics.


Research reports are quite good for lead generation and can equally work during the awareness stage.


Webinars are more detailed, and a more interactive form of video content and provide more understanding content than blog posts or short videos.

Decision Stage


Case studies can influence the decision of people who want to purchase a product or make use of a service.


Testimonials from other customers go a long way to influence customer decisions as they believe if others can make use of a particular product or service, why can’t they?

Reasons to Join a Walking Group

Some people might find it hard to go to the gym and participate in exercises that are physically demanding in nature, or they may lack time or resources to participate in these activities. Walking may be the solution to living a much healthier life.It does not require any special equipment or skills like many of the exercises and you only need to walk. Walking is recommended for everyone, even if you are doing other types of workouts like muscle building exercises, it is recommended to try walking as it comes with many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of joining a walking club or group.

Strengthens Your Social Connection

In today’s world, most people find themselves working most of the time.With people being so busy, socializing and making new friends has become a hard task these days. Social media has undermined face-to-face encounters.

Walking and joining a walking group in your area will help you meet new people, thus increasing your social circle.

Walking is Good for Your Health

Walking is beneficial to your health since it has a positive effect on your heart rate. Walking reduces your cholesterol and blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of having a heart attack. Furthermore, your bone density will significantly improve and your body weight will decrease as a result of regular walking. Combining exercise with products from Steroidsfax new URL will help you achieve your dream body fast. 

Walking Reduces Stress

Walking with a group will help you significantly reduce stress. This is evident because the movement made by walking tends to move cortisol (the stress hormone) throughout the body, reducing the level of stress. Furthermore, walking will help you clear your mind.

Walking Will Improve Your Mood

When you are walking, especially in the company of others, your body releases your happy hormone (endorphins), which will improve your mood significantly. Though you may be doing a tiresome exercise, you will find yourself enjoying your fellow group members’ company, and this will lead your anxiety and depression issues to decline.

Helps You Stick to the Discipline of Walking

As mentioned earlier, walking has many health benefits if you make it a daily habit. Joining a walking group or club will help you not quit your walking routine, which may not be the case if you are walking alone. The members of your walking group will be the source of your daily motivation. 

It Is Safe 

Walking alone is considered unsafe, especially if you are walking in unfamiliar areas. Your safety can be undermined in several situations like encountering unleashed dogs or tripping and falling while walking alone.

Walking in a group will create a sense of security for those who are involved and may even encourage the group to walk to places that one usually might not walk when he or she is alone. You will end up discovering new areas when you walk with a group.


Since walking groups and clubs have become popular with the majority of people, finding one to join is quite easy, or you can even start a walking group with your friends, neighbors, or people you share common interests with. Walking is an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages.


Where to Buy Dog Food That’s Grain Free

Finding dog foods that eliminate certain ingredients can be difficult because most dog food recipes contain the same main ingredients.  Among them is grains such as wheat and corn in particular.  They are ingredients that are relatively cheap to add, provide a source of carbohydrate and fill the food.  So finding dog food that’s grain free can be a challenge.

Finding Dog Food That’s Grain Free

Some supermarkets are now starting to list some product lines that are grain free for dogs.  However the issue with a lot of these cheaper grain free products is that the grain is replaced with another cheap filling carbohydrate which has very little nutritional value for your dog.  Non fermentable fibers such as corn and wheat contribute little anyway in terms of energy and nutrition and are primarily used to decrease caloric intake of overweight animals.

Add to this that many dogs are intolerant to or allergic to grains.  The result of a diet containing wheat or corn on a dog intolerant of them will include gastro-intestinal issues such as flatulence, bad breath, bloating, vomiting and lack of appetite.  Effects will also include unhealthy coat and skin conditions, and an overall lack of energy and vitality.

Thankfully there are now some dog food manufacturers online that specialize in providing highly nutritious foods for your dog that are grain free.  There are also some that provide hypoallergenic foods which cut out other ingredients that dogs are intolerable toward such as chicken, potato and soy, as well as preservatives and artificial flavors.

Another trick used in mainstream dog foods to keep your dog enjoying it is use of animal fats to flavor the food and to maintain a good texture.  However dogs only need around 5% fat in their diet, so any fat in excess of this will likely result in weight gain and even obesity in older dogs who can no longer do much exercise.

Grain free dog foods from some of the more discerning manufacturers replace the grains with high quality proteins instead of carbohydrates.  This is because proteins are essential to a nutritious meal for any dog.  The higher the protein level the better for most dogs.  Consider that dogs are carnivores naturally and in the wild, dogs eat a diet of primarily protein.  Our domestic friends are really omnivores because we help them get a balanced diet by having foods which include vegetables and carbohydrates to provide the vitamins, minerals and energy they need that they can’t derive from domestically produced meats.

Protein also contains essential amino acids which are the building blocks of the canine body.  They are amino acids which the dog cannot produce itself, so require proteins in their diet to provide them.  High quality proteins that are lean contain more of these amino acids and therefore contribute to overall better health, immune system, nervous system and endocrine system than any other macro food component.  Dogs could survive on a vegetarian diet as long as it contained sources of protein and vitamin D.

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin ATM’s in 2020

Bitcoin is old news, its been sensational news at time, and it has changed the world’s view on currency, but we’re in 2020 now, what’s there to talk about regarding Bitcoin?  Well here’s what you need to know about bitcoin ATM’s in 2020.

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin ATM’s in 2020

Bitcoin ATM’s are a booming growth market.  In 2017 there were only a few hundred Bitcoin ATM’s in the World, in 2018 the 1000th Bitcoin ATM went live.  2019 saw over 3000 Bitcoin ATMs available globally, and its estimated that in the next few years that number will growth ten fold to around 30,000 Bitcoin ATM’s globally, with a large number of those being in the USA.  So 2020 will likely see the launch of around 3000 or more Bitcoin ATM’s.

Bitcoin ATM’s are one of the easiest ways to buy and sell Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  They link to your crypto wallet via a QR code scanned from your smartphone, and then you carry out the transaction through the ATM, either inserting cash into the ATM to be transferred into crypto currency or vice versa.

You may be wondering how secure Bitcoin ATM’s are, since anyone who has your phone could take it to an ATM and cash out your Bitcoin, or wait until you’ve withdrawn your cash from your Bitcoin crypto wallet and then jump you.  Well Bitcoin ATM’s are as secure as any ATM can be, they are in safe secure locations, usually within shops or malls covered by security cameras.

In terms of the security of a transaction, well when you carry out any Bitcoin ATM transaction you provide your name and cell phone number.  Any transactions above $900 then require a state ID and a photograph of your face is taken by the ATM camera.  Transactions of $3000 or more require a more in depth identification check.  Also note that to withdraw cash from a Bitcoin ATM, the ATM connects with the currency network to authenticate the transaction prior to dispensing cash, so there may be a short delay between carrying out the transaction at the ATM, and then the ATM paying out the cash.  During this delay you can carry on with other things in the area, and then when you receive an alert that the transaction has been approved you return to the ATM with your transaction code and proceed to withdraw the cash.

The future for Bitcoin seems secure, with rates levelling out and more people starting to buy into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Likewise the future of Bitcoin ATM’s seems good as they offer a quick and easy access to cash for Bitcoin owners while crypto currencies aren’t being readily accepted as a standard form of currency in the retail environment.  At some point cash will likely become defunct and all payments will be made with smart transactions using phone payments, cards or crypto wallets, but that isn’t going to be in 2020 or the next few years.