Why Are Online Vets so Popular?

In the wake of online doctor services becoming more widely available and giving people less stressful, first-touch access to the health service, similar services are becoming available for pets!


Today we’re taking a look at why these services are so popular, so you can decide if they’d help you take better care of your pet.


Drawbacks of a Conventional Vet


Vets provide an urgent and vital service for you and your pets, but getting there can be a stressful, upsetting or even expensive experience. Some animals can be strongly resistant to being put in a carrier or a car – cats or dogs, for example are very sensitive to your mood, to disruptions in their routine and environment, and anxious of future pain and discomfort. All that adds up distress if they start to suspect being confined to a carrier and taken to the vet is in their future.


Using an online vet negates all the stress of the conventional vet – your pet can be examined in its own home, unintrusively, in an environment where it feels safe, but still with all the expertise of a registered vet.




If you’re panicking about your pet’s health in the wake of an accident or the onset of worrying symptoms, then you don’t want to be searching on your phone for a “24 hour vet near me”. You need answers quickly.


An online vet can get you those answers fast, without you having to leave you home, or search for any other services.


Even for less urgent enquiries, being able to get a trained vet’s opinion at time of your choosing and convenience is a huge advantage in the midst of a busy life.




There are some drawbacks to using an online vet – their limitations. Your online vet can’t currently completely replace a physical vet’s practice because they simply aren’t there in the room and some kinds of examination aren’t possible. They can’t perform blood tests, they might not be able to take an accurate weight, they can hold your pet and look at it close up. They also can’t prescribe medication. These all limit how effective an online vet can be.




Perhaps the best use of an online vet is as triage: if you’re not sure whether you need to get your pet to the vet – and subject them to the stress of the trip – then an online vet could be the perfect answer. They can give you an early indication of what might be wrong, advise if you’re able to care for your pet at home, and most importantly, confirm whether you really need to get your pet to the vet’s practice for more tests, medication and expert care.

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