Why Customer Service is Just as Important Online?

If you’re making the step to selling goods or services online – or have recently done so – then you might want to consider the subject of customer service. In a physical shop, we’d expect members of staff to treat us kindly, and assist us if we have any issues. When we have a bad experience in a shop, it is likely that our perception of the brand decreases until (or even, if) a positive experience can level it out. Even though you can’t physically interact with a website, the customer service experience is just as important as it would be in a shop.

Potential customers have come to your website because they are looking for something in particular. Running e-commerce websites can be especially difficult to live up to in terms of customer satisfaction, especially if you have a lot of category and product pages. But when you put in the effort to provide the best experience, you may well see your brand value being increased in the eyes of your customers. Here are a few tips to help you to do this, or even just to get you thinking about it…

Make sure to include a phone number on your website

If you don’t have a phone number on your website, people may lose trust in you as a company. As the internet is effectively faceless, a phone number can go some way to helping your customers to feel confident that they can contact you if they require. The best place for a phone number is often in the top right hand corner of your website as this is a common place that customers would look. If you can’t put it here, make sure to have a visible contact us page.

Would live chat help?

Another way customers could speak to you online is via live chat. Obviously this requires an amount of resource, so you might only choose to do this between certain hours – just make sure these are published for people to read.

Are you easily accessible by twitter?

If live chat is simply too demanding, try twitter instead. This will allow you a slightly longer response time than live chat, although you should still reply with haste if your customers are sending messages that aren’t full of joy. If you aren’t already on twitter, now is the best time to get involved with social media as it helps you to stay connected.

Be confident in your delivery courier

It’s a common complaint from customers that their delivery is taking longer than expected. Be confident in your courier so you know that they are getting the majority of parcels delivered on time and to the right place. If there are known issues in the network because of seasonality or extreme weather, make sure to update your website with this information so your customers aren’t left wondering what’s going on.

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