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Valuable assets, Rolex watches are highly sought after. With a strong track record, Rolex’s many models are bought across the world. Not only have members of the public owned Rolex watches but celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Steve McQueen and John Travolta. If the owner of a Rolex watch is having second thoughts about selling their model, it isn’t necessarily difficult. In fact, the entire process can be very easy because of the following reasons.

There are many ways to do so

Little more than a decade ago, the only way to sell a Rolex watch was through a jeweller or a pawn shop. Although many establishments could be visited, they weren’t convenient because of their strict opening hours. Fast forward to the 21st century and the internet is an alternative when wanting to sell Rolex watches. As well as internet auction sites, such as EBay and Amazon, there are many websites which buy Rolexes. If a quote is accepted, payment is usually transferred into a bank account on the same working day.

It can be done from the comfort of your home

As a Rolex watch can be sent at any time of the day to a website that buys them, those who don’t have a lot of free time can choose this option. A Rolex watch can even be sold in the middle of the night. When a website is smartphone enabled, the owner of a Rolex watch can enter information onto an enquiry form as soon as they have a WiFi connection.

Many other items don’t have to be provided

When wanting to sell Rolexes, its owner doesn’t have to provide many items. Along with a Certificate of Authenticity, an official Rolex box can also be included. If a Certificate of Authenticity isn’t supplied, a lower quote can be issued because it could be fake. Even if an official Rolex box has been lost, a replacement can be bought, such as from an internet auction site. As official Rolex boxes don’t cost a lot of money, its owner won’t accrue much additional expense when buying one.

PayPal can be accepted

As well as BACS, the owner of a Rolex watch can also be paid via PayPal. A secure online payment system, PayPal is convenient and bank details aren’t disclosed. When the decision has been taken to sell a Rolex watch, PayPal can be accepted. As a Rolex watch can sell for thousands of pounds, PayPal is an alternative to receiving cash which can happen if it is sold to a jeweller or a pawn shop. As soon as money is deposited into a PayPal account, funds can be transferred into a bank account. If money is required urgently, PayPal can help because its former owner won’t have to wait. When a buyer sends money for a Rolex watch moments after an auction has ended or a purchase has been finalised, it can be accessed and at no point will its former owner have to wait for this to be completed


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